“Reigning Supreme” Defined and Seeking Inspiration Elsewhere.

I can’t skateboard.  (Yet.)

But I like to pretend I can.  Like… I seriously like to pretend that I can.  I can barley do the foundational trick, the ollie (equivalent to an air squat in the CrossFit world), but dammit I love zooming around on my board pretending I’m legit.

What is “reigning supreme”?

Although it quite literally means to rule as a king or queen superior to all others, I like to think it’s something else.

I tried to ollie over a minuscule speed bump, fell, landed on my left hip where my iPhone was in my pocket, cracked the screen into bits, got up, smiled and kept cruising.

And there you have it!  Reigning supreme: getting out of your damn comfort zone and being silly enough to smile past your failures.

I want to keep typing but instead let me direct you elsewhere.  Go watch the documentary “Bones Brigade” on Netflix (or go buy it) ASAP.  It is easily one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen and a must watch (even if you aren’t into skateboarding).  Which was my second point: seek inspiration from other places.

My world is CrossFit.  I’ve got to be around  and watch some of the sport’s best.  And every time I’m around them I feel like I’m better for it.  But there is nothing inherently special about the fact that they are great at CrossFit, it’s that I’m watching someone who has aspired to greatness… someone who left their comfort zone and failed enough times to get to where they are now.  It’s very humbling.

No one embodies this idea of Reigning Supreme more than the Bones Brigade’s Rodney Mullen.  He has become a real hero to me.

The world needs more Rodney Mullens.




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