Zen and The Art of Disappointment

WARNING: First world problems ahead.

If you know me or keep up with me on instagram or twitter (@CTPCAM) then you know I had been super excited to be heading to The American Open in Dallas to film a documentary about CrossFit’s impact on USA Weightlifting.  I also had VIP tickets to see Kanye West with my friends Mike Bledsoe, Alex Maclin, and Kendrick Farris.

If you read my last post you saw my recommendation on having a personal mission statement.  Mine ends with:


An ice storm that stretched from Dallas to Memphis, was not in my control.  I’m not going to pretend it was easy to be Zen about it.  I had my moments.

Think about the last few times you were upset about anything.  I’d suggest that if it was due to something that YOU could NOT control then you start training yourself to not get upset about it.  It won’t be easy.  It’s like training in the gym, be consistent and train hard and progress will come.

So I won’t put this in the loss column.  I know that had I made it to Dallas I would have had fun, been inspired, and hopefully created a sick mini documentary about the sport of weightlifting.  (And in my mind I like to think there is a parallel timeline where I did just that, and it kicks ass, and I got buck at the Yeezy concert).

But I didn’t.  And what I got instead was a big win and big practice on how to choose how I respond to life.  Cause really that is what determines your happiness.

How do you respond to life?

IMG_2909And if you need a bit of help Pharrell can help:


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