10 Things In My Daily Routine That Have Made Me Happier and More Productive

NOTE: I didn’t start doing all these things at once.  They were all incorporated over a stretch of time.  If any of this appeals to you try adding it to your routine.  (Hint: For a bigger chance of successfully making anything part of your routine try adding only 1 new thing per month)

  1. waking up early (really: not sleeping in)
  2. eating a healthy breakfast
  3. creating a personal mission statement (review it daily) (see below for ideas)
  4. creating a vision board (look at it daily) (see below for details)
  5. turning off/removing myself from distractions and crushing 90 minutes of my highest value work (for added happiness do this more than once)
  6. meditating 15 minutes (see below for recommendation)
  7. designating a time to drop everything and train (DEAT)
  8. produce/share something to add value to others
  9. listen to as much inspiring music as possible
  10. read before bed

Waking up early doesn’t mean 5AM.  It means not staying up so late that the idea of getting up between the hours of 7-10AM seem crazy.  You’ll be amazed at how using those extra early hours to be productive will really set the tone for an awesome day.

I don’t get crazy for breakfast, it’s usually just Bacon (or sausage) and eggs, avocado, and banana OR if I’m in a hurry or out of food a Perfect Foods Bar.

When it was recommended to me that I make a personal mission statement I thought “riiiiiiiiigh, okay”.  Having done it, and woken up to read it daily I’m super glad I did.  It helps you keep in touch with your values, principles, and priorities.  If you’re interested in making one try using this tool here.

Doug told me about vision boards a while ago, and even showed me his.  It took me a while to finally make one, and now I wish I had made it sooner.  It’s basically pictures of things to keep you on track and motivated.  Here’s mine below…  (it’s the desktop background on my laptop)


(and while that all may just look like “stuff”, when I look at it I envision friends at the game with me, family at the beach/winter house with me, friends shooting hoops in my house, someone riding shotgun in the tesla…. don’t just think STUFF)

Meditation… another one of those things I used to roll my eyes at the thought of.  Couldn’t recommend it more.  I use and highly recommend the Headspace app for anyone trying to first get into meditation.

DEAT is something me and the Barbell Shrugged crew started a while back.  We began getting so tied up in our work that we’d allow ourselves to put training on the back burner (AND WE LOVE TRAINING).  So we nixed that in the bud, by setting up a time of the day (3pm for us) where NO MATTER WHAT we drop everything and train.  We love DEAT so much we made coffee mugs!

Recently I’ve been listening to a band I used to bash hard when I was a 14yr old kid who was wayyyy into KoRn… and that is STS9.  Oh how things change (and should).

And the recent things I’ve read/am reading before bed have been/are:

Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Death By Black Hole by Neil DeGrasse Tyson (re-reading this one)
Fast Company Magazine

Anyway’s can’t say you’ll enjoy my routine, but maybe you can take away some nuggets or pearls.  Until next time friend, Reign Supreme!


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